uyuni: salt rocks 

“The Laguna Colorada was a vivid clay red, thanks to the algae in the water reacting to the sun, clashing prettily with the bright pink of the flamingos that live there — three species of flamingo reside in the altiplano; they are obviously much tougher birds than I gave them credit for.

In the background, blue-grey mountains rose imposingly, capped in snow. The so-called Dali desert (real name Pampajara), named for its resemblance to a painting by the artist, Salvador Dali, lived up to its surrealist reference — the sky was a deep blue, slashed with gusty clouds that swirled in the wind; the mountains a steel grey, the earth bright red, dusted in snow. Wind-lashed rocks stood like sculptures.

The next day, it was like the snow never happened. Nary a cloud in the sky, we sat peacefully by Laguna Negra, west of the reserve, watching Andean geese tend to their goslings, while llamas grazed in the distance, and vizcachas played catch on the cliffside.”

Read the rest of the story here

Also, a word of advice where visas are concerned: Singaporeans need visas to enter Bolivia, which can be issued on arrival.

However, it is best to submit forms beforehand online ( Print out a set of the forms to submit to officials at immigration, together with a passport-sized photo, and US$100.

The visa allows Singaporeans to stay in the country for 30 days. Note that customs officials are extremely fussy about the condition of the bills so ensure you bring along fresh USD bills with no tears (even tiny ones) and writing on them.


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