planning, or trying to

Does borrowing guidebooks from the library and extensive Googling count, when I haven’t booked a single thing?

It’s a little unusual, planning a trip with no end in mind. On one hand, I want to be practical and economical, like book a return flight because it is cheaper that way. But from where will I return, exactly? And when? Shall I just book anyway and fork out the S$120 for the ticket change later? Should I set a budget?

Things got serious a few nights ago, when I decided to draw inspiration from my two sisters, and create a Google spreadsheet to keep things organised. That was when I knew I was more than a little nervous about all this, because I was turning to spreadsheets to pretend I have a plan, and calm my mind. I have become a person who charts a holiday in cells and rows, a person I would have mocked ceaselessly six months ago.

So it turns out, I am not an “anything goes” person who simply books a ticket and goes. First, I take a year to figure out that yes, it is time to take a break from work. Then I take a month to sort out my finances and decide that yes, I can afford to do this. Then I take about two weeks before I decide that yes, South America sounds like just the place. Then I take about a week to decide the Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador were the places I most wanted to see. It takes me two whole days to consider adding Colombia to the list.

All this time I’m also thinking, should I be applying for other jobs if I’m planning to take off for at least three months?

All these thoughts have to go somewhere, or my head will explode, so instead of rambling mindlessly to friends, I sit down and set up this blog, and spend a pleasant 30 minutes messing around until I find a blog title I don’t despise, and a layout I *hope* I won’t tire of.

So behold, here is own my corner of the Internet, and finally, I have a plan. Or at least, a to-do list:

Book refugios for Torres del Paine trek
Book flight
Book Machu Picchu tickets
Research travel insurance

Four items. I can do this right?


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