packing, or what i think about when i don’t want to think about the hard stuff


Like, changing enough money, or vaccinations, or suspending my local mobile plan.

I enjoy packing and putting things away. My mother never tires of repeating the story of how I can be counted on to arrange random things in a shoebox for hours as a toddler, deeply absorbed and entertained. While I am no Marie Kondo (she would weep looking at my bookcase), I can be counted on to pack a neat suitcase with a very specific system organised via packing cubes. Knowing that I have what I need, no more and no less, gives me the extra kick I need to venture to parts unknown (to me).

A few things I’ve learnt about packing, over the years:

Weather, weather, weather

Three pairs of shoes, maximum. One of them should be a pair of flip-flops

You can buy nearly any item of clothing you forgot to pack. It might be ugly but it will tide you over. But the same cannot be said of medication, sunblock, and tampons

To cut down on weight, pack like you’re travelling for five days even if you are travelling for a month (or more), and wash your clothes on the go

If the idea of losing what you brought with you makes your chest explode from pain, don’t bring it

Dark grey hides all stains, as well as shoddy laundering


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